Friday, 14 November 2008


Been 2 or 3 weeks since I last posted so thought I'd post on what I've been up to.

I decided that I really wanted to focus on losing some ugly fat in the run up to Christmas. I knew I was way over weight and had been trying to lose it, but suddenly it really mattered and my motivation went through the roof.

I was getting emailed the Purposeful Primative updates on the guy he is training and was like - wow, how is he losing all that weight so easily while I'm busting a gut and going nowhere. So I decided to take a look at the book again.

So I looked at the diet and started hiking and lifting F Squat / Jerk / DL only twice per week. On my 2nd week I thought I had broken my back DLing. Only for a second - but the crack was so loud and pain so bad I genuinely thought I had completely wrecked it.

I iced it and laid low for a week and I am getting around a whole lot better though it will be a week or to before I'm able to do any real physical training. The good thing though is that I immediately said to myself that I am going to have to be extra good about what I eat now. Usually I would have cursed the gods and binged until I could train again.

I am happy to report that I have lost 8lbs so far in total and 3lbs since I've been injured. I hope to add another 14lbs to that total by Christmas.

I have also found an Iyengar Yoga instructor not far from me and am planning taking a class as soon as the back is able.


Anonymous said...

Mouse here -- get your arse round to your local powerlfting gym and learn how to DL properly, that way you won;t keep getting hurt! Diet sounds likes it's going well.

Colin said...

Long time Mouse. How's things going?

I have been searching for a powerlifting club for a while now. I've heard rumours that there is one 20 miles away but it's been like chasing rainbows.

Northern Ireland is shit - there's nothing here. I was very surprised to find the yoga instructor. Want do to do more of that rehab/prehab activation stuff you tuned me into.

I was just banging the DLs out and not resetting - it felt easy and I got complacient.

Diet going good - I feel my back is ok to do some assisted chins and stuff to make sure I'm not losing a lot of muscle at the same time though.

Anonymous said...

Mouse here,
Things are going OK, having to work round some niggling injuries myself, chin ups hurt my wrists,as in couldn't pick anything up and now pressups have hurt my left elbow! WTF. So like you am changing my routine, am starting that Flowfit by Sonnon and keeping up with FMS work too. Looking forward to TGU DVD that coming out soon.

Colin said...

This is what narks me about the whole training thing. WE are training at least in part to feel better - but at every site you read the author will list his current injuries.

Does it have to be part and parcel I ask myself? In my case it was my fault and probably ignorance in how to lift with great form. But does the practice wear us down whether done correctly or not?

Martin Schap said...

I read about this type of thing a lot over at the Moynihan Institute. He often talks about how his goal in training is to feel good, and he has been tinkering to get to just the right amounts of weights and yoga.
Too bad about the old back flaring up again, but great work keeping up the weight loss. Adam Glass had a good post on the DD forum recently about the difference between motivation and dedication, sounds like you are seeing that yourself.

Colin said...

Just had a read of the Moynihan Inst blog. Not for children!!

It's uncannily what I was thinking.
Yoga 2-3 times per week as standard.

Powerliftingesque weights and some hiking for cardio 2 or 3 times a week.

Alternate this with a 2-3 month period of higher intensity stuff like the KBs or circuits.

Think thats out of ETB.

Colin said...

ETKB that should be.

Franklin said...

You are dead on about how annoying it is to cycle through injuries. I've already had my share with the Oly lifts but my body is slowly getting used to it.

If you are going to pursue the yoga, be aware there are a significant number of poses requiring back flexion. Although extremely enjoyable and a great change up, my yoga experimentation ended prematurely after two weeks when my back felt the worst its been in two years.

Getting injured followed by binge eating is a pattern that takes enormous inner strength to control. Start logging your intake .. you don't have to put in on-line. I think this is one best tools for in-your-face results.

Colin said...

I've been doing a lot of research about yoga and especially Iyengar yoga - they do place a lot of attention on the spine, I'm giving it some more time to heal before I go for a session.

Iyengar is slow and meticulous, with emphasis on correct alignment and position. They use blocks, harnesses, ropes etc for progression. It sounds like just what I need to begin.

As far as the food intake goes all is still well. Its beginning to become a habit to eat the right stuff.