Sunday, 4 July 2010

Sunday weigh in:

191.6lbs @ 28.5% on tanita scales / 24.4% accumeasure calipers

Massive weight loss of 3.4lbs for the week. Trouble is that all indications are that it comes from muscle. I haven't documented what I did this week as I forgot until thursday when I couldn't remember everything I ate. I have however ticked all the boxes nutritionally over 7 days for 100% compliance. I also walked when I wasn't working and did z health drills for my feet and ankles only on 5 days.

It's been pretty much business as usual without any training to help my shoulder mend (z health drills have helped). It seems that it was a large part of the reason I was hanging onto my muscle though. I'm planning on going easy on the shoulder for at least another week so I might have to find something I can do to stop the muscle loss. Squats of some description prehaps?

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