Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Daily Joint Mobility Complex
35 reps each

Warm Up/Corrective Exercises
Shoulder Rotations
Trunk Rotations
Cradle Walk
X Band Walk
OH Squats with 1" heel lift
Arm Bars @ 16kgs
1 x 10

Half Get Ups - 10 mins
Sets of 3 reps @ 16kgs twice as many floor presses on right hand side

Stretch Routine
Held for 30 secs

'O' Rating
Right shoulder - 1
Knees - 2
Lower Back - 1

Comments - Got a bit of a head cold today so I thought I'd play it by ear and just stop if I felt a bit tired or whatever. As often happens though I banged out a good steady session when least expected. Both shoulders feel really good, in fact with exception of a little bit of discomfort in my knees every now and then I feel tip top.


Martin Schap said...

I love getting a good session when I least expect it. It's almost like finding money when doing the laundry. Pain ratings are looking good too. You have earned the right to train pain free with your intelligent approach to rehab.

Colin said...

Yeah it is very satisfying. Very happy with how I've responded to all the corrective exercise stuff. I'm not resting on my laurals though, it was only a few days ago I was considering going to a physio if there was no improvement.

Franklin said...

Colin, I agree, training without pain should be demanded not only occasionally enjoyed. For me it was more about learning what my real rest/recovery interval was. Also, now when I have the day off, I do not train .. some Z-Health at the most.

The DD forum had some great posts about some individuals used the floor press to work through sticking points with the military press. The floor press does have a unique groove to it that requires a little time to gel.

Colin said...

Definitely Franklin. I'm laying some solid building blocks at the minute. It might not look so sexy on paper in terms of impressive numbers but I count it as among the best progress I've made since I started this blog.

I'm just giving you and Martin a head start before I come chasing after you!!