Monday, 9 February 2009


Daily Joint Mobility Complex
35 reps eac

Warm Up/Corrective Exercises
Shoulder Rotations
Trunk Rotations
Cradle Walk
X Band Walk
OH Squats with 0.75" heel lift
Arm Bars @ 16kgs
1 x 10

Half Get Ups
24kgs 2 x 2 e/a

Swings - 10 mins
15 Sw @ 24kgs - top of the minute
Total - 150

Stretch Routine
Held for 30 secs

'O' Rating
Right shoulder - 2
Right Knee - 1
Lower Back - 1

Comments - One of those days when nothing seems to be going right and a bit scatter brained to boot. Still have a bit of a headcold that I can't shake. Haven't felt like this in a while.

I could probably have done with a rest if truth be told but I needed an outlet for my frustration, so I did a decent but not overtaxing swing session. I'm still working within myself though I do think all the weight loss catching up with me a little. Maybe too few calories for too long. I'm hoping that I'm close to 185lbs by the end of February anyway but I'll switch up the training and the diet to gain muscle for up to 4 weeks then regardless. Then shift focus back to fat loss again after that.

I couldn't be happier with how I've so far, a loss of around 25lbs to date. Also I have enough left to loss that I think I'll gain muscle and loss weight when I shift plan.


Martin Schap said...

Your progress on the fat loss goal is nothing short of outstanding. I would not be surprised if the hypertrophy stage sees you getting lean even while building muscle. You can eat a lot of good clean food when you are working out hard. Take care of yourself, don't want that cold to last forever.

Colin said...

Yeah like I said in my post. My BF percentage is still very high so there is plenty to lose.

My plan for it is basically EDT 3 times per week, loads of milk and plenty of sleep.

Franklin said...

Two very impressive things:

1) 150 24kg swings in 10 minutes .. very tough!
2) 25lbs of weight loss

Keep this up and you will asked to appear on Oprah!

Just kidding .. keep up the amazing progress.