Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Sometimes the clothes do not make the man.....

Daily Joint Mobility Complex
35 reps each

Warm Up/Corrective Exercises
Shoulder Rotations
Trunk Rotations
Cook Hip Lift
X Band Walk
OH Squats with 0.75" heel lift
Arm Bars @ 16kgs
1 x 10

Half Get Ups - 10 mins
24kgs x 7 e/a

Swings - 5 mins
10 Sw @ 32kgs - top of the minute
Total - 50+

Stretch Routine
Held for 30 secs

'O' Rating
Right shoulder - 2
Right Knee - 1
Lower Back - 1

Comments - Feeling a lot more relaxed today, though still a bit fuzzy what with the headcold. Spent most of the day cooking myself some lentil soup with a joint of ham thrown in for good measure, and the spanish chicken I'm off to eat now. Should be enough to do me all week.

I have to accompany my brother to England over the weekend for an operation so I won't be getting a break tomorrow. I'll do Wednesday and Thursday and have 3 days off then - trying to exercise damage limitation when I'm living in it up at the NHS's expense!!

Tonight's was another good session. Able to do more HGUs with the 24kg, but I have to squeeze that handle hard and power breath it up each time from floor press. Once it is up there it is no trouble. The trouble I do have however is that my jeans are falling off me! I'm going to have to fork out for some new threads.....its all money, money, money :(


Anonymous said...

Mouse here,
Good luck with the op.
With you Get Ups there is an interestning take on doing them on the DD forum under the "Titan Challenge" post - it breaks the TGUs down so you can do ladders(!) with them.
So the Emperor is shopping for new clothes -- try Harrods the sales are still on ;).

Martin Schap said...

That is great news on the clothes shopping. Too bad for your wallet, but in the end I have to think it will be worth it. What kind of combos will you be looking at for the EDT?