Monday, 22 September 2008


Warm Up
Mobility, Pumps

Power Cleans
20 x 5, 40 x 3, 50 x 2 x 2, 60kgs x 2 x 2

Comments: Still felt reasonably easy. The one time I really tried to follow my coaching point of getting under the bar I got hit in the chin and rattled my teeth. No harm done though. But my timing must improve - I don't want to ruin my pretty boy good looks!

10 mins PR zone
Pull ups (assisted) - 39 reps
24kg KB Jerks - 39 L/R 78 total

10 mins PR zone
Sledge swings - 60 L/R 120 total
16kg KB Snatches - 60 L/R 120 total

Wasn't battering myself in either of these but it was a solid pace. Quite happy with the totals. I have developed a bit of pain in my right shoulder and wrist on the last few sessions and it was felt during the KB jerks especially tonight. I'll ice them tonight and see how they get on.

Bearhugged 67.5kgs sandbag - carried it 20 feet to top of garden - dropped it. Picked up the sledge and tire and put them away at bottom of garden.
Walked back up to the top of my garden. Bearhugged the sandbag - walked 40 feet to the bottom of the garden and backup - dropped it. Put away my 16kgs KB.
Walked back to the top of my garden - bearhugged the sandbag and walked 20 feet with it to put it away.

Thinking about it now I'm sure there must have been an easier way for me to have put my stuff away. ;)


Martin Schap said...

I have always liked EDT as an idea, but have never done it. I will have to give it a go one of these days. Solid session. I bet the low back/hip area will feel that one tomorrow.

Colin said...

Cheers Martin.

Yeah edt is a good concept. I used to get distanced coached from Charles Staley but he only prescribed edt for me for a month. Which surprised me a little as it is his big solution for body comp and thats why I went to him.

Definitely gets you to do some work. You should give a go.

Franklin said...


I have a ton of catch up to read on your blog .. GREAT STUFF!