Friday, 30 January 2009

I'm Unbalanced

Daily Joint Mobility Complex
30 reps each
Squat Exercise - 1.25" Heel Raise + 7" Platform GTG

Warm Up/Corrective Exercises
X Band Walk
Cook Hip Lift
Shoulder Rotations
Trunk Rotations
1 x 10

Toe Touch Exercises
OHS 1" Heel Raise
1 x10

KB ArmBars @ 16kgs - 6 e/a
Half Get Ups @ 24Kgs - 2 e/a
Half Get Ups @ 16Kgs - 5 mins

Shoulder Dislocates

'O' Rating:
Knee - 1
Lower Back -1
Shoulder - 2

Comments - Funny old session tonight. I tried to throw in some HGUs with the 24kgs in the hope of moving up to it. It was pretty easy on my left side but I was really weak on the right. It wasn't so much pain but tightness. I really struggled to floor press it up at the start, and then it was a bit too hard to control for the rest of the exercise. So I stopped after 2 reps.

When I came to doing the 16kgs, on the fly I did 3 floor presses to start HGUs on the right.

I had been alternating after 1 rep previously but in future sessions I think I'll do mulitple reps each side and only do the extra floor presses on my right. Hopefully the extra volume will help out......if it is only weak and not injured that is. Failing this I may have to get it looked at, it has been a long time since I started my own brand of rehab on it.


Martin Schap said...

You are left handed correct? I would almost wonder if the neural aspect on the left is better developed and thus gives the left more muscle memory or whatever. I don't know much about the science of it, but it seems reasonable that the dominant side would retain more skill than the left and thus the groove of the press would be easier on that side.

Colin said...

I am indeed a leftie.

I have just done 2 press ups with elbows tucked right pain what-so-ever, but again it felt a little weaker.

Hopefully that's all I need to do, give it a little bit extra work and some time.