Thursday, 1 January 2009

Shoulders Getting Better.

Daily Joint Mobility Complex
20 reps each

Corrective Exercises / DL work
GTG Trainer CoC - 5 reps every 2-3 hours
Lats and Shoulders trigger points with tennis ball

Side Lying Rotation
Shoulder Rotation
2 x10

X Band
Cook Hip Lift
2 x 10

Suitcase DL - 1 x 5 @ 24kgs KB raised 2" / 2 x 5 @ 32kgs

Good Morning Stretch x 3
Shoulder Stretch

Comments - Shoulders are getting more flexible and the right shoulder has almost caught up with the left. No acute pain when I tried a press up today, but it was still a little bit uncomfortable. This exercise is definitely working for me all the same. So is the shoulder stretch I do at the end of a session. Both my entire arms are all but flat on the floor, however I am a little bit tighter in my left Lat. Another little imbalance I have.

Did my 32kgs s/c DLs from the floor as the handle was only slightly lower than before. Not too many sets as I've been pretty active today.


Anonymous said...

Mouse here,
Happy New Year!

Colin said...

Happy New Year Mouse