Monday, 26 January 2009


Daily Joint Mobility Complex
30 reps each
Squat exercise GTG

Warm Up/Corrective Exercises
X Band Walk
Cook Hip Lift
Shoulder Rotations
Trunk Rotations
1 x 10

Toe Touch Exercises
Squat Exercise - OHS with 1.25 heel lift
1 x10

ManMakers - 12 mins
25 KB Sw @ 24kgs/Skipping & Walking - 6 x 2 mins

Decompression Hangs
Hamstring stretches
Shoulder Dislocates

'O' Rating*
Right shoulder - 2
Knees - 2
Lower Back - 2

*Orthepedic Rating - 1 being pain free, 10 being seriously injured.

Comments - Hardest session I've done in months. All sets completed without setting the bell down. Lungs, glutes and grip competed to score highest on the pain-ometer....for the record I think grip won. A very good session this, and the 3 main hotspots were more or less pain free.


Martin Schap said...

Nice session. Multiple sets of 25 swings will desissify you in a hurry. Good to see the pain is holding at minimal levels.

Franklin said...

Agreed .. glad to see you being able to really crank up your work capacity without any issues.

Colin said...

Cheers guys.

Plan to crank it up slowly to 35-40 then start anew with the 32.

Anonymous said...

Mouse here,
It's good to see you sticking with this - usually you would have switched to something new by now!
You new found discipline seems to be paying dividends.
Nice one!

Colin said...


Yeah - the result of reading good books maybe Mouse.

No matter what area you read about they all say that consistency is key.

So how's tricks? Training away?