Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Swings and Round-Abouts

Daily Joint Mobility Complex
25 reps each

Corrective Exercises / DL work
GTG Trainer CoC - 5 reps every 2-3 hours

X Band
Cook Hip Lift
1 x 10

SLDL Patterning - 2 x 5
Sports SLDL - 2 x 5 @16kgs - very shaky on my left leg, wasn't getting down as far either

Swings - 4 x 10 @ 24kgs

Hamstring stretches

Comments - Giving the shoulders a break tonight, right one is giving me a bit of a problem.

Decided to move on a little with the core stuff. Sports SLDL or Contra Loading DL is using the opposite arm and leg. I'm left handed and left footed so I guess my right is used to being the supporting leg and the wobbly left isn't.

Did a few sets of swings to see how all this patterning etc is translating. Really not enough to tell but I felt it mainly in the glutes and don't think I was using the lower back. Was really focusing on keeping a bit of a curve in my back as I sat back to load up for each swing. But it won't be until I'm doing really high reps and fighting everything else that I'll know for sure.

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Martin Schap said...

Nice progress there. Sorry to hear about the shoulder. Sounds like your shoulders are similar to mine. I have to be very careful with ROM or it is very easy to tweak them.