Monday, 20 October 2008

100 yards

100 yard workout: goal is to finish each 100 in as few sets as possible
100 yards crawling
100 yards traveling Burpees
100 yards walking Lunges
100 KB Snatches (50 sn / 50 sw 24kgs)



Do your legs give you backchat?

Do you want to teach them a lesson?

Then the 100 yard workout is for you!!

Feel them tear on the forward/backwards crawls. Hear them scream as you spring forwards with the travelling burpees. And eat dirt as they helplessly give way on the lunges. Guaranteed to be out of action for up to two days!!

Did this at the local playing fields. A footy pitch is from 100-130m long - never been sure why they are not all standard. I suspect this one is closer to the 100m though. Tough workout for sure. I had planned to do 100 snatches instead of the cables cleans MBG suggests. It was lashing however and I feared for the skin on my hands so I switched to swings. Well, that and the fact I was f**ked. I guess I may have taken the easy way out.


Martin Schap said...

I wouldn't prescribe that workout to my worst enemy. It looks horrible. Hilarious write up.

Franklin said...

I believed you have officially crossed over to dark side with this new training protocol.

These new workouts you have been doing are almost as brutal to read about as I'm sure to perform .. glad I'm the reader lol

Colin said...

No Pain...No Gain!!!