Friday, 3 October 2008

Prison Workout

10 reps of each, then 9 of, then 8...down to 1 of each AFAP:

24kg KB Cleans e/s
Lunges e/s


3 mins rest

24kg KB Jerks


Comment: Hardest workout I've done in a long time. Did well with the first one and I thought I posted a respectable time. The next one was a stone cold killer. Maybe that's why it's called the Prison workout. I just felt more and more light headed and drained with each rep - thought about calling it quits early on but I'm pleased that I was able to talk myself around and keep going - even if it had taken me 25 mins.

To add to the coincidences I had just finished watching a pretty brutal program about Surviving Maximum Secruity. I'd still take this workout over having to go in there!!

Edit: should mention that this was taken from MBG WOD. I subbed Kbs for bands and the burpees for power wheel crawls 100 yards to 10 yards. Now that will be a killer when I get that contraption.


Martin Schap said...

That looks like a tough one. The MBG 60 day challenge looks good. Average of 17 pounds fat lost is right in line with your goals.

Colin said...

Yeah - very stiff and sore today. Haven't felt the DOMs for a very long time.

The fat loss and the fact that it is a challenge that's all laid out was a big part of the appeal. Working towards what I think of as natural athletisim or greater control of body weight exercises, climbing etc is another.

It'll be no walk in the park though - I might have a reasonable deadlift but I suck at this pound for pound stuff.

Franklin said...

Just to let you know,

Beware: 100 yard PowerWheel crawls are MURDER!

You might have to cut the distance back and build up slowly. Dang! I stopped doing these but I can't get everything in.