Friday, 17 October 2008


Alternate between the following until you have completed 3 sets of as many reps as possible:
  1. Lateral Handstand Walks - Stability-push up position (60 feet)
  2. Chin ups - Strength-90 degree (18)

Rest as needed, then repeat same format with:

  1. Lateral Jumps - Stability - over a sandbag (25)
  2. 24Kgs Snatches (11 e/a)
Comments: I went for a certain amount of reps each time again instead. Performed better across the board and again chin ups was the only exercise I couldn't knock off in one go.

Getting quicker at crawling. Feel stronger in my core and shoulders, and I'm more confident with the movement. This exercise has exposed all my weak areas. Wrists, traps, neck and stomach have all been sore after doing crawls of some sort. Very good exercise I'd previously overlooked.

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