Saturday, 11 October 2008

3 x AMAP

Warm Up:
Mobility, Pumps and skipping (f/b)

Alternate between the following for 3 sets of as many reps as possible:

Lateral Walks - push up position (approx 50 feet)
Assisted Chins (15)

Rest as needed, then repeat same format with:

Lateral Jumps (20)
24kg Snatches (10)

X 3

Comments: Subbed the snatches for cable extensions, wanted to see what my snatching was like.

Originally I had intended to stop when I could do AMAP in each set as it says. It became apparent though that I was feeling lazy and that I needed to set numbers for myself. In all fairness once I did this I was able to knock off that many for each set, with exception of the chins.

I think there is a couple of reasons for this - GTG for the past days on that exercise, and also I think I'm a little bit over trained. Didn't get a good nights sleep last night, woke up very early and I'm feeling a little ratty, early warning signs for me.

Off out on the town tonight - best hope that I lose the rattiness before I've got a skinful of alcohol in me!!

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