Thursday, 9 October 2008


Wow - you really did take the time to go through the blog!!

That's for all the comments you left. Feedback and encouragement is always welcome and what has kept me on track with the consistancy of workouts over the past year. I owe you and Martin a lot for that.

I hear you loud and clear about the food stuff. I live with my folks at the minute and they and practically everyone else around me are not into this stuff and eat all the crap of the day. There are all sort of temptations around this house - and I am encouraged to eat it. It seems like they are constantly clawing at me to stop training and start eating.

In a way though it is their ill health and dependancy on medication that drives me on. I think the best thing I can do for myself is to move back out soon.

I thought that you'd have something to say about the KB heresy I wrote about. You have made it work well for you and fallen in love with it. I think they are a great tool too - but not the one stop shop I so wanted them to be. I have gotten a lot from using them exclusively at times, just not the things I was really after. I feel the stuff I am am doing now has gotten harder rather than easier. I can lift more weight than ever but struggling using my own weight - I just don't feel thats right.

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Franklin said...

Gosh, golly I'm so humbled .. thanks so much appreciating the value of my feedback .. I certainly do yours as well.

Perhaps you misunderstood me, I completely support the MBG approach, I just personally prefer swings for fat loss. MBG is far more than just fat loss so


as Pavel would say encouragingly.

I especially like the idea of 60 day or equivalently 12 week cycle. Sticking with one program for a minimum of 60 days is the only way to really determine if its any good. Small tweaking along the way is fine but stay the course through the cycle. I think I may be starting to learn this lesson, lol.