Thursday, 2 October 2008

BW circuit

Warm up:
Mobility, Pumps

Complete the following AMAP in 25 minutes:

20 BW Squats
20 Pushups - Stability-knee
Jump Rope 150 forwards and backwards - Stability-invisibe jump rope

7 rounds - just finished 8th set of push ups on 25:00

Comment: Absolutely teaming down outside today. Really wasn't in the mood for a soaking so I did this inside meaning that I had to pretend skip. I'm not a bad skipper anyway so I was going through the motions just as if I had a rope in my hand.

My knees were getting killed on the BW Squats. I was going to rock bottom with my heels raised a little - just glad I didn't pull/twist/strain something.

Went for the push ups off my knees as I knew I wouldn't be able to go straight through with full ones. In the end though they were maybe a little too easy so next time I'll start with full ones and then drop to my knees when they get too tough.

Good session - enjoyed it once I got going. Feeling full of energy now.


Martin Schap said...

Nice session. Is this from monkeybar or are you still waiting on that to arrive?

Colin said...

Yeah, it is from their workout of the day which I got access to immediately.

I am waiting for the equipment: a power wheel, skipping robe, a cable/rubber band and their Jungle Gym which is webbing with handles for pull ups etc. Should be here in a week.

I can work around most exercises until they get here though.