Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Testing, testing, 123

Warm Up:
Mobility, pumps and 5 mins skipping (back and forwards)

MBG Tests
Chin ups: Stability: 90 degree assisted chin ups (over 20 reps)
17 reps - really started to burn my biceps. Stopped just shy of failure. Tried to do full chin up before I started...I tried, but I failed :(

Pushups: Strength: regular pushups (over 20 reps)
21 regular push-ups

Squats: Power: front squat (over 5 reps)
50kgs sandbag x 6 reps. approx 60% of bw . Bit disappointed in this, got way more than that in me...somewhere.

Jumping rope: Strength: Jump rope 150 forward / 150 backward (in under 2:30)
3mins 17 secs . My backwards skipping is starting to rock, still not great but immeasurably better. I hold the handles in front of me a bit when skipping forwards so I needed to lengthen the swing for backwards by holding the handles right at the ends. Not ideal, but it'll do until I start to dail in the correct form.

Alignment: Strength: Power wheel crawls (100 yards in under 5 mins)
60 feet or 20 yards in 5 minutes. Would have taken me all day to 100 yards. Felt weak in my wrists, and core both front and back.

Long Distance: Stabilty: 100 yard stair crawl + 1000 revolutions of skipping rope.(under 30 mins)
Do this one tomorrow along with a few other bits and peices.

1 min rest between each test.

Comment: The Stability, strength and power noted in the exercise description just shows the level of difficulty. Obviously stability being the easiest and power the harder ones. The brackets after then denote the reps or time you need to be able to do for that level before you can progress.

When the daily workout is posted it gives you a choice of stability, strength and power under each exercise. It just gives you an idea of which you should be doing for the effect goal of the workout.

Overall - no real surprises, about what I expected for each. It just confirmed to me that I need to lose a fair few pounds to get better at the old bw based routines.

The power wheel is going to sicken me before I'm finished. It is unbelievably hard!! I was inching forward and flying backwards (not good, was out of control). This was because I wasn't able to stay tight enough in the mid section. My lower back got sore on a few ocassions due to complete fatigue of the core too. And my wrists didn't hold up too well. As an added kick in the balls I fully expect my shoulders to be seriously stiff in the morning. I've even placed it outside my bedroom in the hall now - can't stand the sight of it already!!

It is going to make me very strong though........

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Franklin said...

Hey hey .. the f^&k*%g PowerWheel crawl! .. incredibly humbling.

I keep mine at work where I used to have distance competitions with a co-worker. I now train him with kettlebells and he refuses to go back to the crawls .. I can't blame him as I haven't done any since either.