Sunday, 20 June 2010

Sunday weigh in:

193lbs @ 29.3% on tanita scales / 23.2% accumeasure calipers

Weight Loss of 1.4lbs for the week. I think that I am no longer in the "Obese" bracket!

Scales indicate loss of weight comes from muscle. Calipers have finally reached the lower range and suggest that there is an increase in muscle and good few pounds fat loss. Yesterday the scales gave me a reading of 28% so I'm inclined to believe that most of this weight is fat loss and its possible (not least from all the work I've been doing) that I may have added a little muscle. The mirror and the way my clothes (don't) fit back this up.

Last week I talked about tightening it up a bit as far as the diet goes - it turns out I was all talk again. I have been upping the calories with more chicken portions so I'd guess ( I really shouldn't have to guess) that my macronutrient ratios are closer to 40/40/20 now. I suppose that as long as it works I'm not going to be motivated to change it.

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