Monday, 7 June 2010

Ankle Tilts / Ankle Pulls / Hip-Leg Circles / Thoracic Glides / Neck - Turns, tilts, glides / Shoulder Circles - top, bottom, front across, side back (Nerve Glide for shoulder)/ Elbow Circles / Wrist Circles

Shoulder Dislocates x 10

Naked TGUs x 8 e/s

Goblet Squats 3 x 5 @ 16kgs KB

MP Ladders - (1,2,3,4,5) x 2 No rest between rungs

One Handed Swings - 8/12 secs for 52 rounds @ 16kgs
(5 swings every 8 secs for a total of 260)

Shoulder Dislocates / Lying floor stretch / Overhead hanging stretch
as detailed here

Food Intake:
5 Eggs ( 1 yoke)
2 cups Stir fry veg
1/2 cup of oatmeal
1 cup skimmed milk
1/2 scoop protein powder
1/2 banana
3 fish oil capsules
Green Tea

155g Chicken
1 cup brown rice
2 cups stir fry veg
Hoisin Sauce

155g Chicken
1 cup brown rice
2 cups stir fry veg
Hoisin Sauce

All about the shoulder - from my own diagnosis I have a rotator cuff problem. From a bit of searching on the web the exercises from Rif's article are recommended for pre/re-hab. I must admit that they do feel pretty good after. I was also packing the shoulder in each and every exercise today to good effect. Very happy with how it went.

Getting more snap in my hips off the 1 hand swings, and I like them better as my left hand doesn't go to sleep with the high volume. I'd like to work my way up to 30 mins of this protocol for a few sessions and then start using the 24kgs KB.

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