Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Working all day - too hot and too drained to train

Ankle Tilts / Ankle Pulls / Hip-Leg Circles / Thoracic Glides / Neck - Turns, tilts, glides / Shoulder Circles - top, bottom, front across, side back (Nerve Glide for shoulder)/ Elbow Circles / Wrist Circles / Shoulder Dislocates

Food Intake:
2 scoops protein
300ml skimmed milk
1 cup raspberries
tsp Cod Liver Oil

Can of Tuna
2 x wholemeal tortillas
Onion, Peppers, Lettuce, Tomato
Salad cream

100g Chicken Breast
Vegetarian Pizza
200g Cottage Cheese with 1tsp of fruit salad (rotten!)

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