Monday, 7 July 2008

Day 1

Decided to get started.

Foam Roller
Hams / Calves / Quads / IT Bands / Back

Joint Mobility 20 x 1

First column today.

Neck – left/right

Neck – forward/back

Neck – side/side

Wrist Rotations

Wrist Rotations

Wrist Rotations

Shoulder Circles

Arm Circles


Ankle Mobility

Ankle Mobility

Ankle Mobility

Ankle Circles

Ankle Circles

Ankle Circles




Hula Hoops


Split Switches

Cat/Camel Stretches

Torso Twists


FMS 10 x 2
Active Leg Raise – supported leg raises, curl-ups
Toe Touch – toes up, heels up

Body Weight 30 secs x 3 / 20 reps x 3
Push Up hold / Horizontal Pull Hang / Squat Hold / Calf Raises (from 20 level challenge)

Core Activation 10 x 1 / 30 seconds
Scap pushups, Plank, side plank, glute bridges single and double leg rotate.

Active or static stretches 10 x 1 / 30 seconds
Decompression Hangs, Hip Stretch, Shoulder Dislocates.

Foam roller, longer session (about 10 minutes)

My trigger point tool still hasn't arrived so none of that included in this session. The foam roll did a pretty good job of making me grimace anyway without it. In fact the whole session had my face contorted. Mobility drills are the ones I think I need to concentrate on thats why it looks a little samey throughout the 3 columns, I'm sure they'll change as my needs do.

Bodyweight: I couldn't do the squat holds or hangs for 30 seconds x 3 so they stay but I get to move up to level 2 on all the rest of them.

Must admit I feel pretty good now after it. My back is throbbing a little so I'll have to watch that but all in all I feel a bit freer in movement. Psyching myself up for a hot and cold contrast shower now.


Anonymous said...

Mouse here,
You got yourself a plan!
Now all you have to do is turn up!
AND I'm sure you will!
Good luck!

Colin said...

Cheers Mouse - I'll be doing my best.