Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Cheers for the links Franklin

Warm Up:

Mobility and corrective exercises

Weights (3 mins rest between sets)
F Squat: 24kgs x 6, 40kgs x 6, 56kgs x 6
Comment:A/W Pretty easy

P Press: 16kgs x 8, 24kgs x 8, 32kgs x 8 PR
Comment: A/W could have done 9 each side easy

Swings : 32kgs 15 x 7 in 8 mins
Comment: Pretty easy. Used HR monitor for rest. Went each time it dropped to 140 (75%)

Core: Plank / Side / Glute Bridge / Side 30 secs x 1

Stretches to finish.

General Comments: Felt really good during this - plenty energy. Held back a bit as I want to do a Vo2Max tomorrow and don't want to kill myself on friday before my 3hr drive to dublin. So I'm going to keep the same reps on friday and look to increase on Monday.


Martin Schap said...

Good workout. Looks like you're pretty much covering all the bases here. How long do you see yourself staying with this plan?

Franklin B Herman, RKC said...

You are quite welcome, Colin! As a result, I posted those links in separate text block on my blog for quite reference.

Hey, congratulations on wearing a heart rate monitor during the heavy swings .. Marty Gallagher would be proud of you!

Colin said...

Friday will be end of week 2 of 8. But I don't think I've managed to make it full way through a planned block yet ;)

In my defense Franklin I have had a HR monitor for a long time - granted I only started experimenting with them again once reading PP....and doing the strength stuff from the book haha. But I still didn't think it that a good book and I'd gladly take the 2xprice refund if I could.

Martin Schap said...

You have been absent a few days. I hope you haven't decided to chuck the current training for a Nautilus club.