Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Foam Roller

Hams / Calves / Quads / IT Bands / Back

Joint Mobility 20 x 1

2nd Column

Neck – left/right

Neck – forward/back

Neck – side/side

Wrist Rotations

Wrist Rotations

Wrist Rotations

Shoulder Circles

Arm Circles


Ankle Mobility

Ankle Mobility

Ankle Mobility

Ankle Circles

Ankle Circles

Ankle Circles




Hula Hoops


Split Switches

Cat/Camel Stretches

Torso Twists


FMS 10 x 2

Active Leg Raise – supported leg raises, curl-ups

Toe Touch – toes up, heels up. Have an issue with doing the heels up exercise. I get down so far and then no amount of knee bend takes me the last few inches to touching the toes. Brett Jones is going to help me out and said he'd take a look at my plan as a whole - he's a busy man though so it may take a day or two.

Body Weight 30 secs / 10 reps x 3

Diamond hold / Horizontal Pull Hang / Seat Hold / 1 Legged Calf Raises

Passed the diamond hold easy enough and was actually doing the level 3 seat hold yesterday not squat hold - which I also passed today as well. Again it is amazing what getting your mind right can do, I couldn't do 20 secs each yesterday and today I did 40 secs easy on last set. Horizontal hangs are only hard because I'm doing them off a wooden staircase so my grip is being pummelled first. I'll get a pic up later. In fact my fingers and wrists are taking a lot during a few of these bodyweight drills, which can only be good news for snatches.

Core Activation 10 x 1 / 30 seconds
Scap pushups, Plank, side plank, glute bridges single leg - my butt only comes about an inch or two off the ground on these. Need a bit of work. Rest are quite easy, time to up the time and reps.

Active or static stretches

Decompression Hangs (easier than the partial weight holds!), Hip Stretch, Shoulder Dislocates.

Foam roller, longer session (about 10 minutes)

I have a dousey of a trigger point or whatever just above my knee in my left quad. I've been giving it some going over last 2 days but doesn't seem to be getting any easier yet.

Again - another hateful session, but I'm putting the head down and doing them all to the best of my ability. Slow and controlled and to the best of my current ability. Another contrast shower now - joyous!! ;)


Martin Schap said...

Sounds rough, but if you plug away and see results it will no doubt be worth it. 2 days down...

Anonymous said...

Mouse here,
That's generous of Mr.Jones, I'd tend towards GTG with that problem. It worked for me!
I found putting a limit on the number of reps I did wasn't a good idea, as it might take 20, 30 or more to get the release you need and then some sort of massage. The key is consistency doing it every day , and if you are really jacked twice a day or more. Typing this I just remembered a brilliant article on www.elitefts.com called 'gluteal amnesia' well worth a read.

Colin said...

Cheers Martin.

Ask and you shall receive Mouse. Most of these top level trainers will respond to politely presented problems - I save my swearing and clowning around for you guys.

I had intended to plough through a lot of the routine twice a day - it takes me a while though and I've been a bit snowed under (you can read that as I'm not that keen.)

I also thought that I was doing a lot of exercises, but reading through Dave Tate's perscription in that article I'm a lightweight.

You've been a mine of info lately - might have to start calling you Mighty Mouse!!

Anonymous said...

Mouse here,
Glad to be of service again,
My only excuse is I enjoy trolling the net -- there is a lot of cobblers out there, the easy bit is finding it the hard bit is telling the difference! I'll be very interested in Mr.Jones prescription
I had a right good laugh about that GA article, have you seen the size of that guy? He did another entertaining article with a siimlar theme on nutrition, you can find it on Tnation.

Colin said...

Yeah I've got interviews of Dave Tate I got from Charles Staley's site, and I've read the one with Berardi sorting out his nutrition. Old school grizzly bear he is!!

You must enjoy reading the old cobblers if you come back here is all I can say. Mr Jones got back to me and I sure he wouldn't mind me posting it. Maybe I can get a few different takes on it. Gotta train now though.