Monday, 28 July 2008

Tropical N Ireland

Warm Up:

Mobility and corrective exercises

Weights (3 mins rest between sets)
F Squat: 24kgs x 6, 40kgs x 6, 56kgs x 6

Comment:A/W Last 2 reps were touch and go but did them with good form in the end.

P Press: 16kgs x 8, 24kgs x 8, 32kgs x 8

Comment: Did 8 right and 7 left with 32 - had to set it down for a few seconds before I did the final rep. This was more down to being shattered than pressing strength.

Snatches : 24kgs 5L/R x 3

Core: Plank / Side / Glute Bridge / Side 30 secs x 1

Stretches to finish.

General Comment: Felt very drained. Is very humid here today and I've been sweating buckets playing football with my nephews and carrying bags of sand and stones for my Da. Need to keep the same level of focus on the mobility/re-hab stuff, it is very easy for me to start taking it for granted again. Good session though.


Martin Schap said...

Keep it up and you'll be a monster. You have touched on the reason I generally haven't been training on Sundays. I almost always get a lot of incidental activity since I mow and do yard work on Sundays, and it really impairs my ability to go hard in my workout. Don't slack on the rehab/prehab. Just when you feel better is a dangerous time.

Colin said...

Haha - I hope I can keep adding the reps at this rate and I will indeed.

Easy to get annoyed when "life" gets in the way of training. Then you think about it a while and realise that you train to make those things easier!!