Saturday, 5 July 2008

Pre-Hab, Re-Hab, Living-Lab

He's a few pics of the arsenal I have been accumulating over the past week in order to attack my aches, pains and imbalances. I get to go research how all this stuff works now and come up with a new kind of routine for myself - which if we are honest is as big a part of our "hobby" as anything else.

Already given this a review but it was this dvd and the realisation that I have serious limitations in mobility, stability and flexibility that kicked the whole thing off. My injury followed very soon after.

The core of the dvd above is based on Gray Cook's FMS detailed in this book. It gives more info on how to preform the tests and on the corrective exercises for each movement.

Referenced in the dvd as the name suggests this book is about trigger points. They are parts of the muscle which have fired and for whatever reason not relaxed again. The result is an area of varying sizes which are tender and feel like a knot. These can result in all types of pain, not only in the muscle but usually referred to a joint like the knee, shoulder etc.

From reading the books above and the website referred by Mouse ( I have also invested in the following:

I've had a little go on foam rollers before and stopped because it was too sore - little did I know that it was supposed to felt like that. As for the other contraption, I've never seen anything like it in my life!! Lot of people with superior knowledge and experience than me swear by trigger points and these tools though. I like to think I have an open mind - so what the hell!!!

I've still got enough discomfort in my back to stop me from getting started on the FMS stuff and doing any KB snatches. I am hoping to get started on the foam roller and Body Back Buddy (who comes up with these names, I'd have called it the Knobbily S) when they arrive. I also got a quick dvd with the BBB. Fingers crossed by the end of the summer I'll be over head squatting completely pain free.

Edit: I also wanted to show something I think would be really useful and something on my wishlist. It's a little camcorder. I think it'd be great to get recordings of my workouts - highlight a lot of errors in form etc. Watch this space for the new, improved truely multimedia Kettlebell Experience.


Anonymous said...

Mouse here,
You have got to love those foam rollers. It works wonders for your ability to 'flow swear'. There are loads of vids on youtube on using them. When I started using it, rolling my quads would cause my hammies to cramp! That 'Back buddy'looks very similar to a Theracane which again will improve your ability to rap! One thing I would recommend is a nice ice bath at the end of your sessions. Let me know how you went on and remember "Have fun"!
Just for a giggle, Youtube the icebath, made me smile anyway particularly the Welsh guy. LOL indeed.

Colin said...

I can swear with the best of them anyway but I'm always prepared to better myself. I had a quick look through youtube - there was a Chelsea one that was a good laugh...even if I do hate the bast**ds ;)

Franklin B Herman, RKC said...

I like "knobbily S" thingy much better myself .. do you think it was inspired by the Spanish Inquisition?

Glad to see you are very serious about tackling your imbalances head on.

Colin said...

If it dishes out the same sort of pain as the foam roller - then yeah you could well be right!!