Sunday, 22 June 2008

Back to the grind stone

Mobility - Amosov

24kg 1-arm LCCJ:
4 x 6/6 @1 set/min no rest - total: 48 reps in 4 mins

2 min rest

2 Handed swing 32kgs - 70 reps in 3 mins

2 mins rest

2 Handed swing 32kgs - 60 reps in 3 mins

That was very tough for me. I've been following the diet plan I mentioned before. While it is good for body comp (down over 3lbs and a few percentage B/F points this week) I struggle to do well in conditioning work without my potatoes/rice/pasta etc. I felt like the strength was there no worries, but I hear talk of double breathing techniques - fuck that, I've just invented the quadruple breathing technique!!! I may have to throw in a handful of rice here and there to that diet plan and see how I get on.

On a plus side I felt I had at least 2 more mins of LCCJ in me today if I pushed - with a bit of work and maybe some carbo loading (haha) I could be closer than I think to 120.

It's sunday afternoon and I'm off for my "cheat" day sunday lunch now. Potatoes, dessert the works :)


Anonymous said...

Mouse here:
The 'quadruple breathing technique' is that the one you learnt in the foothills of Himalaya, from that Tibetan mystic?

Colin said...

The Maharishi Chicken tikka Masala you mean?? Nah - he revealed to me the sound of one hand clapping....I'm doing it now, can you hear mouse? :)

How's your training going??

Anonymous said...

Mouse here;
It's going! Just bought a 24kg kb, that some serious bit of kit. I would be well chuffed to C&P it, never mind snatch the bloody thing.
Just had a month off due to hurting my neck rolling at BJJ. Not actually bought any plates for dead lifting yet, I got side tracked into buying two 4kg clubbells -- they are fun (!) and are helping open my shoulders. I couldn't hear you clapping for all the bloody trees falling over! Currently saving for a pull up station similar to the TAPS one, but will be a self build! Where did you get your bar from!

Colin said...

Touche Mouse - can't believe we had a Koan off!!

I've had the bar for ages. I bought it from a company in England who had it made by a local welder...cost £70 including postage then. Cost of raw materials will push that up these days.

I bet those clubells are good fun. I was the same way when I got my 24kg KB...nearly yanked my arm out of the socket first time I tired to snatch it. A lot of swings, jerks and push presses and you'll be good to go.

Sorry to hear about the neck, but i guess if you were any good it wouldn't have happened haha ;)

Anonymous said...

Never was a truer word spoken!
I do roll like a wheelbarrow!
However having a 13st beginner who is stoked because he's 'fighting' whilst I'm going slow doesn't help either!
At present just be being verbally abusive towards the 24, that and swinging the bejasus out of it.