Friday, 27 June 2008

Lets get ready to RAMBLEEEEEEEE!!!

Skipped a day yesterday due to wasting most of the day chasing parts to get my mums car fixed for her. So I wanted to get plenty done this session.....unfortunately I just wasn't up for it at all.

I started to do some timed LCCJs - but stopped after a few minutes. I did some swings, some snatches and some jerks with the 32kg KB. It was all sporadic and there wasn't much volume. It's cool I'll make it up.

Could be down to this. Got the link from Mike Mahler's site. I've been listening to the cd's for the past week - it's great. Clears my head and I am already getting into VERY deep states of relaxation. Not sure about the increased energy it's supposed to give you though, jury is still out on that.

I also got this dvd from Dragon Door the other day. I think that Brett Jones is one of the unsung heroes on DD and after watching his presentation on this dvd he has impressed me even more. He is a very engaging speaker, with an extensive knowledge that he is able to break down so that plebs like me can easily understand.

It is a primer for Gray Cook's Functional Movement Screen. It explains what it is and why it is important for EVERYONE, athlete or armchair sportsman. The functional movements, or foundational movements are "simple" movements that any child could do - but that most adults can not. How well you are able to preform these movements is a predicator to non-contact injuries that WILL occur down the line at some stage.

The dvd is in 2 parts. The first is a classroom setting going through the theory. The 2nd part is where the gold is. He goes through some of the screens and shows how you can begin to find out what is going wrong and prescribe some exercises to work fix the issues. He takes "bad" cases from the audience and improves toe touches, deep squats, ankle mobility, hip mobility and back pain in seconds. My ears definitely pricked up throughout this as I kid you not I have issues with all these to varying degrees. I have long since told anyone who'd listen that I thought my ankle mobilty was my weakest link in squating of anykind. What I didn't know though was that it could also be responsible for my plastic knees and sore shoulder! I have played around a little with some of the prescribed exercises with good success. It's no quick fix though and sustained repetitions over the long haul are required to hardwire these corrections back into the brain.

An outstanding dvd.


Anonymous said...

Mouse here,
I liked/didn't like that DVD!?
He only covers a small part of the FMS, yet the DVD is touted as the all the screen and correctives.
If you think that DVD is good you have to get 'Secrets of the shoulder'with both Gray & Jones. They are a good double act.
Personally my next purchase is KJ VO2 DVD.

Colin said...

I sorta know what you mean. I wasn't impressed until it got the practical parts - then what I was seeing there and actually trying them out blew me away. So many aha momments - and I ain't talking about Take on Me!!!!

I've been looking at those dvds he does with Grey Cook - they are on the wish list. But I went with the book this morning.

Also I've got KJ Vo2 Max dvd - save your money if you know the protocol. If you don't I'll tell you it. Too much fluff and super deep science.

Anonymous said...

Yeah it was impressive stuff and he is so nonchalant about it all. Which book did you buy?
If it was Grays book you've bought a cracker, full those Swedish moments yopu like! The FMS has evolved slightly from what is shown in the book.
So there no Tibetan mysticism involved in KJs VO2. Just 15 sec 0n/15off or 36/36 building to 50 sets. Thats all?!!?
Rifs Dvd is the same a lot of filler, don't get me wrong the guy knows his stuff, and most of it is from hard earned personal experience, so he's cetainly someone to listen to. I check his blog nearly every day ,the guy is 'inspiring' and thats a phrase I don't use a lot. His DVD brings together a lot of stuff BUT if you knew anything about rehab/prehab the use of a foam roller then you aren't going to learn anything new.

Colin said...

Yip that's it for the KJ dvd. There is a LOT of deep science to explain why it works. If that is your bag go for it. Personnally all I need to know is that it works. Then there is about 45 mins devoted to filming a group doing the workout.

I got the Grey Cook book, it's been in the back of my mind for a long time to buy it. I also got the book Brett mentioned on trigger points - it got great reviews on amazon and is a lot cheaper than Rifs dvd.