Monday, 16 June 2008

Amosov routine 10 reps

DL - 120kgs x 3 x 2

Chins - 5 x 2 red bands

LCCJ 24kgs 6 L/R x 4 mins - 48 reps

Swings (2 handed) 24kgs 15 x 3 mins Total: 45 reps

Had a 1 minute break after 2 mins LCCJ.

After my success of last week I spent the last 3 days being an absolute glutton with food and drink. My weight has balloned to such heights I thought I'd never see in my life time. So feeling disgusted with myself I spent half of today planning, buying and cooking for this plan. 2 weeks of this day in day out (with choc milk instead of surge, I've found it a good substitute in the past).

I also felt well below par on all of the exercises above. It's a good job I am supposed to be taking it easy. I can pretend that I was cutting back instead of getting close to maxing out. What was that you were saying about highs and lows Martin? Still at least the shoulder felt good throughout the LCCJs. Franklin we got a race now, and the bad news for you is that I'm pissed off with myself!! ;)


Franklin B Herman, RKC said...

Great to see you tackling your intake again. That is a lot of cooking but the recipes do look very tasty. Also, that's a great idea of substituting chocolate milk for surge.

Only one mediocre day of training out of all the great work you have been doing is excellent. Glad you are pissed as I know it will push me as well .. tomorrow morning I will take a crack at the LCCJ now that you've set the new baseline.

Martin Schap said...

I won't say I'm in, but I will try some LCCJ later and see how it feels. Might be a little more volume than I want to put my shoulders through at the moment. Sorry for the late response to your challenge, but I have been letting it marinate.
Don't get down on yourself. Get mad and really attack the training next week. Remember Pareto's Law. If one training day a week is a good one you're doing pretty well.

Colin said...

Well after the weekend I had I wasn't really expecting to be in tip top form. I'm more angry at myself for putting on so much weight.

It sure was a lot of cooking but today and for the next few days there will be no cooking...yay!! They are indeed VERY tasty dishes - I seriously recommend them.

Good man Martin - it is a seriously good/demanding exercise. I was concerned about how my shoulder would/will hold up. They don't seem near as hard on it though compared to MPs.

Will check your blog later to see how you got on.