Friday, 13 June 2008

Decent finish to good 3 weeks.

Amosov routine 10 reps

TGUs 16kgs 5 L/R - full get ups outside.

Swings (2 handed) 32kgs 10 mins Total: 200 reps

20 top of min for 7 mins and then I was doing 20 per min in "batches". 200 in 10 mins was my first milestone for swings with the 32 and I'm glad I was able to hit it before my easy week. I think I definitely work best when I do a decent set number of reps on top of each minute. It gets a little boring after a while so I'll work towards adding more reps per min in this fashion and throw in the odd different session to break up the monotony.

It never ceases to surprise me how much more I have within me when my head is in the right place. I could only manage 177 on wednesday. Then 2 days later and after a heavy session yesterday I find 23 reps from somewhere.

I've seen very good overall progress on this program - barring overhead pressing. I see no reason to change it any and plan to stick to it for another 3 weeks after next week. I can only continue doing some light pressing work and other rehab shoulder stuff in the meantime. Hopefully it will be feeling strong enough soon for some heavy stuff - I want to jerk 48kgs by year end!!


Martin Schap said...

Another great session. Funny how you do ok for a while and then all of a sudden several workouts in a row are just fantastic. Those are the days that make the mediocre days worthwhile.

Colin said...

Thanks. Yeah I've got to say that it has definitely been giving me boost in terms of desire.

Franklin B Herman, RKC said...

Wow! 32kg x 200 swings in 10 minutes is AWESOME!! That will pay huge dividends in everything .. heavy swings rule the day.

On a separate note, still finding it hard to get back into daily blogging since the Cert, but the last three days I've started back on 24kg 1-arm LCCJ. This morning I did 9 x 5/5, 1 x 5l/6r in 10 minutes while never putting the bell down for a total of 101 reps. It almost killed me but nevertheless a worthy goal you got me started on .. thanks!!

I don't know if you are up for it with your current cycle, but according to the next step in the protocol, we are to increase the RPM to 12 and build up to 120 in 10 minutes. I'm going to go for it,hope you'll join me.

Colin said...

Haha - I see you sneaked in an extra rep!!! Very nice going my man, you're in unstoppable form at the mo.

Sure why not - I'll try an easy session this week and see how my shoulder holds up. It's a great goal for a great exercise and it's too good to pass up a little friendly competition/mutual support.

You up for it too Martin?