Sunday, 1 June 2008

30 Minutes of Thunder (My Version)

H/R 49bpms - great nights sleep even though I dreamed of getting wasn't so bad actually. I reciprocated by taking the guys eye out with my fingers. Must be looking forward to the TFT course.

I've been using a piece of software I've had for a while called Neuro-Programmer 2
It's about using entrainment to produce Alpha/Beta/Theta waves in your brain to produce various states. I look on it as lazy mans meditation/relaxation. I can get myself into pretty deep relaxed states and it gives me very lucid's a great job!!

Amosov routine 10 reps each

KB mess around:
24 kgs Jerks 5 L/R top of min 10 mins - total 100
16kgs Snatches L/R top of min 10 mins - total 100
32 kgs Swings 10 top of min 10 mins - total 100

No rest between exercise change overs. Worked out at around 30:30 for 30 mins.

16 kgs Rotational Towel Swing - 2 x 10 clockwise/anticlockwise

24 kgs Waiter Walks - 2 x 40 secs e/a

Michael Stehle does LCCJ/Snatches/Squats with 32kgs in this fashion - this was my scaled down version. I actually started off doing 10/10 with the snatches, but realised this would be passing the ssst with a 16 in the midst of this workout. I cut it back to 5/5, but it was too easy. If I do it again I'll have to try 7 or 8.

Even though I took the dremil to the 32, the 16 tore my hands up even more!! My right hand is a mess of skinned, weeping sores....hope I can deadlift with it tomorrow night though ;)

Towel Swings were fun!! I worked up quite a good pace with them - and they are tough on the core for sure. 40s waiter walks consistutes all I was able to do....not much of a finisher, but overall a good session.


Anonymous said...

Hello Mouce here,
I use Tubi-grip to protect my hands if they get beat up after seeing TraceyRifs sock idea. It's just elasticted bandage, you can get from Boots, size D fits nice and snug.

Colin said...

Hey Mouse - how's the training going??

I know the stuff you mean - might be an idea to try it. Bigger issues this morning though.

Buggered my shoulder up again, must have been those rotational towel swings and waiter walks. :(

Try a few deads later and hopefully it'll be cool.

Franklin B. Herman said...

Michael uses the 32kg and does LCCJ 5/5 on the minute for 10 mins and then 20 mins more of other ridiculous stuff .. insanely strong. Did you do LCCJ or plain jerks with the 24kg? Even with just jerks, you 30 Minutes of Thunder is incredibly tough especially ending with a 100 2 pood swings.

Great work, man great work!!

Also, a colinkbell of northern Ireland posted on DD about a sore knee. I thought you posted as "se7en" .. do you have a duppelganger?

I see you ditch the photo .. too bad, I liked it.

Colin said...

He has also done back to back ssst over 20 mins - incredible.

My hands were busted up so I didn't do all those cleans and did just jerks. It was quite tough but nowhere near as difficult as the 100 LCCJs in 10 mins. (Did I mention that I've done that!?!) Putting the bell down makes a big difference.

Haha - no I'm still se7en. I saw that post too. I do have dodgey knees though....separated at birth?

I took the pic down ages ago to replace it with a menacing black and white scowl. For some reason though it won't let me put up either pic now. I'm guessing its cos I hit every branch when I fell from the ugly tree. Haha

Franklin B. Herman said...

If your day job ever busts, stand up comedy might be your true calling! ROTFLMAO!!

Michael is not human but a some kind KB tossing android. If you look at his videos, he looks very fit without any large hypertrophy. One of the most extraordinary athletes out there and very a very humble individual .. would like to get a chance to train with him someday as Philly is not too far from Boston.