Friday, 30 May 2008

Jerk and swings

H/R 54bpms - thought this was a bit high as I got the best nights sleep ever!!

Amosov routine 10 reps each

Jerks 32kgs (1) x 1 - total 1 rep e/a haha!!
2 handed Swings 32kgs
8 sets of 10 @ 15:15
2 mins rest
4 sets of 10 @ 15:15
1 min rest
2 sets of 15 + 5 sets of 10 top of the min
Total 200 reps in 15 min 35

Sheered the skin off the callous when recleaning after first jerk, and that was that!! I soldiered on with the swings but my hands are in a bit of a state. Two things to note here: Firstly I need to tape my hands up better than just sticking a couple of plasters on them. Secondly I need to take the dremmel to the cheap 32kg KB I have - the handle is terrible.

I was aiming to try and emulate in part Frankin's swing sets from yesterday with 15 on:15 off - but they were seriously tough. Fair play Franklin, an outstanding effort. This is why I know you have a monster deadlift waiting to come out.


Martin Schap said...

Get those hands healthy. I have used an old sock with a thumbhole cut in it with moderate success. Hope it heals up quickly so you can get back to it.

Franklin B. Herman said...

Stick with those heavy swings or "power" swings as Rif calls them when done in Max VO2 fashion. It seems every time I grunt those out, I PR in multiple things in the following days.

Those suckers just plain add dense muscle and make you strong .. and they don't tear your hands apart either. Continued training of the :15 on :15 off power swings together with timed sets of one-arm LCCJ, will push us both to new limits.

Colin said...

Taped them up today. I think people round here would lock me up if on top of all the "strange" training I already do, I did it with socks on my hands. hehe. Funny though, they might have gotten rough at times but they never tore that I remember and now I have 3 all at once.

LCCJs go up in my estimation daily - a wonderous exercise. Along with heavy swings and work on my wrists they will get me to that magic snatch number I'm after.