Thursday, 29 May 2008

Deadlift & Grip

H/R - forgot again!

Mobility - Amosov routine - 10 reps

Deadlift - 100 x 3, 115 x 3, 130 x 3 x 2, 135kgs x3 - pretty easy, except the last set which was getting tight enough.

Chins 5 x 5 bw with blue bands, move to lighter band next session.

Grip Work
A1 Pinch Block 3 x 6 sec holds - 15kgs
A2 Finger/Thumb Extensors 3 x 8 - sand bucket (need to buy those bands)
Adduction/Abduction 2 x 5 - 1.25kgs
Pronation/Supination 2 x 5 - 1.25kgs - wanted to keep the levering all the same weight.

Neck Harness 3 x 8 - 15kgs. I hate these, they make me dizzy. I'm sure there is a line somewhere in Pavel's books about how some comrades shouldn't put their heads upside down. I'm an extreme case - even tilting mine makes me light headed.

Had my hand taped up where I tore it last night - luckily it seems to be well placed that it didn't cause any problems. Snatching is going to be out for a while but I can work around that.


Martin Schap said...

135 for a triple!? Isn't that damn near your old max? Great work. I am going to try some deads tomorrow. I know I am weaker after my time off, but I will try to assess the extent of the damage. Wish me luck.

Colin said...

Thanks. Yeah, its not far away. All the best with the deads. Will stop by tomorrow to see how you get on.

Franklin B. Herman said...

Same here with the 135kg x 3 .. Wow! Tremendous progress .. looking forward to your next 1RM test. And great work with all the grip work!

Colin said...

Give me a break Franklin - I only did one last week!! Haha

Know what you mean though, Deadlift is the most exciting/favourite part of my training at present.