Monday, 5 May 2008

KB Timed Sets Session

H/R - 51bpms

Pumps / Knee Bends / Shoulder Circles

DL 7 x 1 110kgs - no problems, this weight seems to be OK.

Decompression Hangs

Sn 16kgs 3mins L / 1.5mins R + 1 min L/R pace was about 14 rpm
Jerks 16kgs 1 min L/R x 2 pace 10rpm

Decompression Hangs / Hamstring Stretches

Got my eyes opened here, bit pathetic really haha. Been reading a lot about GS and the preferred method of training which is going for time. I thought I'd have a go and start conservatively at 6mins (3 L/R) for snatches and 4mins (2 L/R) for jerks. Tried doing a few jerks over last few days and found that my shoulder had no problems with them. In fact they felt quite good, like doing TGUs.

Didn't start with an exact pace in mind - just went quite slowly and gave myself a few seconds in the "rest" positions which each exercise. I managed 3 mins with my left but I was fighting with about 30 secs to go on snatches. Staying in the lockout overhead was seriously tiring for me. I just mentally stopped on the right side - I was never going to reach 3 mins there. I gave myself about 5 mins and then I was intent on doing another 4 mins snatches - it didn't happen so I cut it short at 1 min each side.

My shoulders were still tired when I started the jerks so I split that up too. Bit of an eye opener, but not really surprising that I struggled with the overhead rest. I hate waiter walks and haven't been able go very far with them in the past. Still in spite of that my shoulders actually feel good now and it had me sucking wind - rather enjoyed it. There will be more sessions like this.


Martin Schap said...

Very nice. I messed around a bit with LCCJ this past fall. I quickly concluded that it was worthless without a heavier bell (I only had the 16kg at the time) but the long sets all on one arm would be killer no matter what. I was switching hands every 5 reps and it still fried the shoulders.

Colin said...

You wouldn't happen to have read this when you were doing that would you:

Colin said...

When you say it was worthless - I found the KB was a bit too light to have good form (though it wasn't bad), same thing as when I clean the 16kgs now - is that what you're talking about?