Wednesday, 14 May 2008

LCCJ. End of Sports!!

H/R 56 - back down a little but not fully. I suspect after this evening it won't be back down fully tomorrow either.

Amosov Basic Re-charge - 10 Reps
Switched pumps + jandas for roman chair sit-ups, skipped the press ups. I used to do the first exercise in the sequence years ago for anyone who has Super Joints. I couldn't keep my legs straight but was at the point where I could touch the ground behind my head. These days my back is REALLY tight, and I lament on times gone by as I watch my feet dangle WAY up in the air :(

DL - 90 x 1, 95 x 1, 100 x 1, 105 x 1, 107.5 x 9

Was in great form here, pulling really well. I did think about going on up to 110 but I had my eye on the LCCJ race later on.

LCCJs 24kgs 5 L/R x 9 mins 48 (100 reps)

All I can say is that it is incredible what you can do when there is something pushing you on. Last time I set the gym boss at 2 mins 30 each "set" (I don't know why either.) and my pacing was way off. This time I set it at 1 min with the intention of doing 10 reps per min. I was out pacing it a bit all the way and "rested" in lockout on my left for a while at the end of each minute. At 80 reps in just under 8 mins I so wanted to quit. I'd topped Franklin's numbers and thought it was good enough. But I thought no - do 90 and then stop. Then I scrapped those in and I had just over 1 min left. I thought - there's no way you can come this far and not finish it!! I had doubts I could do 5 with my right, but managed to knock them out - the left was "easy" and I did them fast.

Thank F**K that's over - that's the hardest test I've done with a KB so far. Another motivating factor, I didn't want to have to come back and try it again.

"Enjoyed" the pushing each other Franklin, what blogs are all about - it's your turn now!!


Franklin B. Herman said...

Congratulations! Un-fargin real! Super strong work! Yes, now the onus is on me to see how long it takes for me to match it.

Also great to hear you were able to dig deep and get that extra 10 out. Thats the type of training that is transforming you into one tough badass hombre!

No one said you could stop now! Your next goal should be the next stage in the Sonnon protocol .. drop down to 6 min sets and slowly increase reps to 12/min. Then work back up get back up to 10 mins to get to 120 reps at the faster pace.

Colin said...

I was going to put in the post that I can't believe that thats only stage 1!!! It really is one hellava exercise like you said on your blog. Easier on the hands than snatches and for me it seems to get the h/r pumping faster.

Wonder if there is much carry over to snatches? 200 rep snatches is still my number 1 goal this year.

Franklin B. Herman said...

I was going to wait until this evening to post this but your comment was just too much to resist:

LCCJ does have big time carry over to snatches .. at least for me.

This morning I just passed the RKC Cert style snatch test at my age and weight:

24kg x 1 x 20l/28r = 48 reps

The last time I test was only 13l/25r and that smoked me.

By focusing on completing the Sonnon protocol, I'm sure we will both blow our snatch numbers.

Colin said...

That is VERY interesting. I might just have to have a go at that tomorrow to see if it has done me any good too.

Congrats Franklin. You seem to be getting stronger in leaps and bounds by the day.