Thursday, 15 May 2008

RKC Snatch Test Dummy

H/R 54bpm

Amosov Basic Re-charge - 10 Reps
Switched pumps + jandas for roman chair sit-ups, skipped the press ups.

DL - 100 x 1, 102.5 x 1, 105 x 1, 107.5 x 3

Wasn't paying attention and started off with 100kgs instead of 90. Didn't have a lot of time what with one thing and another so got this in with view to coming back later.

DL - 107.5 x 7

RKC Snatch Test: 21/17 L/R with 24kgs PR

Its a PR with an increase of 1 rep per arm. Form was horrible on my weaker right though and I reckon they wouldn't have I'm not claiming it. I'm pretty poor on snatches with the 24 and I've got a LOT of work to do to be able to hit that 200 target.

On a more positive note I am really happy with how the DLing is going - I've been holding back a little last 2 days for KB work, but it'll be full steam ahead with the Deads now.


Martin Schap said...

Great day of training. Lots of reps with 107.5

Are you planning to go back to ROP ever? Not that it matters really, there are a lot of ways you could hit the snatch test goal. I just wondered because at one point I thought you said something about that.

Franklin B. Herman said...

A small suggestion: Re-test your RKC snatch test when you are completely fresh .. it should be your only lift for the day or at least the 1st one.

It has been my experience that this is an extremely demanding task and should not be done after anything else especially deads.

Colin said...


Another 2 weeks of DLing everyday I reckon (probably test it) then the focus will be back on KB snatching. Not sure whether or not it will be RoP per say. Snatching/swings and C&Js 3-4 times per week. Would like to do longer duration - work up to 20 mins. 1 or 2 "variety" days, DLing, chins, farmers etc. Something like that.


Yeah, after a good session DLing and that horrific LCCJ session night before it was never going to be peak performance. Every time I've snatched with the 24 in the last few months it has really shown me how weak my wrists and hands are. Bones click and clunk and I seem to be hanging on by fingertips after only a few reps.