Sunday, 25 May 2008

No Deadlifting?!? Heresay!!!!!

H/R 52bpm

Mobility Amosov Basic Re-charge - 10 Reps
C&J 32kgs 3 x (1,2,3) 18 reps total
2 Handed Sw 32kgs 5 x 15 75 reps
2 Handed Sw 24ks 5 x 20 100 reps
175 reps Sw - top of the min with a 2 min break between 32s and 24s.

Decompression Hangs / Hamstring Stretch / Hip Stretch / Shoulder Dislocates

Little bit of a toughy this today - C&Js weren't too bad but my back and hams felt tired on the swings. Probably due to the PRs yesterday taking a lot more out of you than you'd think. I didn't push it too hard though and I expect these numbers to get higher very quickly.

Hands are in a bit of bad condition too - really must start to take better care of them.

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Franklin B. Herman said...

Heavy swings
Heavy swings
Bring on some more
Heavy swings

Great job with those! In my opinion, its the number one exercise in the world for building strength/endurance . Also, if you can start disciplining you food intake again, the excess weight will melt off quickly.