Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Thanks for all the comments Franklin. I'm looking forward to hearing how your cert went this weekend. All the lessons you learned from it as well.

Yeah I think that prog has a lot going for it in terms of keeping me sane as you put it. I've learned that I shouldn't really plan much further than 4 weeks ahead - after that I am prone to get very bored of what I'm doing, and start envying the type of training everyone else is doing. With this I can just go out and do a session of v0max, H2H or whatever as long as it contributes to my goals.

The DL ideas seemed to work quite well. Though I do have a lot of time on my hands at present and it probably isn't the most efficient way to increase strength there. I've swung back the other way now and only doing it twice per week. KBs increased it though on their own before, and I certainly think I have far enough to go developing it that they should help again.

I like the grip work and it is a big weakness. I'm hoping to see benefits there help improve my snatch numbers and bulletproof my wrists from injuries. Brian's book, while being nothing new to me, is laid out well with advice on when to do grip training and good info on progressing. When I get quite good strength there I'd really like to start tearing cards. Probably as I play a lot of poker and want my revenge on the cards themselves!!

As far as the RKC cert goes. I agree with you that if you put enough stock in something then just make it happen, you'll find a way around the problem, be it money or whatever. So at present I guess it on my to do list, but there are quite a few things on there taking priority first. Besides, I've been to Scotland loads of times. When I do it I want to use it as an excuse to travel some place new. I've never been to the U.S. so I'd like to do it over there with you guys.

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