Sunday, 11 May 2008

Switchin' it up a little

H/R 51

Amosov Basic Re-charge - 10 Reps
Switched pumps for roman chair sit-ups, jandas might be something else I should throw in, had to do press ups on knees.

DL - 90 x 1, 95 x 1, 97.5 x 1, 100 x 1, 102.5 x 9
GTG Jerks 24kgs 3-5 reps L/R

DL felt a bit easier today, which surprised me after doing snatches etc yesterday. Started feeling a little stiff in lower back when I wrapped it up. Ramping it up slower probably helps.

Switching up the rep range a little on the GTG Jerks today. Keep the body guessing a little. Off for a walk now and if I'm stuck around the house bored later I might do a couple more DLs.


Franklin B. Herman said...

It looks like you have changed to a new DL program whose structure I haven't gleaned yet. I went back to earlier posts but still am confused. Perhaps you could clarify or repost a reference.

By googling I was shocked to find out that the Amasov basic recharge was part of SuperJoints. I had only bought the DVD and there is no mention at all regarding them. Recently, my local RKC and I switched, he lent me the book and I lent him my DVD. I haven't looked at until now and there they are mentioned in the very first chapter.

I find it very peculiar that there is no demonstration of Amasov drills in the DVD or even pictures of them in the book. If I understand correctly, Pavel's SuperJoint drills are less aggressive replacement to Amasov's?

Colin, did you start with the SuperJoint drills and then progress to the Amasov? These days I am doing Z which is far less aggressive. Too many joint mobility products out there not to mention the large number of books and DVDs that Pavel has on these.

Colin said...

Did those snatches a couple of weeks ago. Felt pretty reasonable too - should really switch to the 24 exclusively if I want to do the same with it.

Amosov as I see it is a basic mobility system with some calisthenics thrown in. Not about working up to it, just a switch to keep me interested in doing them when I drag my ass out of bed.

DL - think of it as GTG with a couple of easy light singles to determine the weight I use for that day. The number I then do at my training weight depends on how my body responds. I'm working off my preceived effort of around 65% FOR THAT DAY. Then doing as many as my body will allow until it feels a little harder, then I stop. Long before fatigue and while it still feels good.

The idea is that I am doing as many as possible without getting near the point where I'm burning myself out.