Thursday, 1 May 2008

Resting HR 51bpm

Pumps / Knee Bends

DL 13 x 1 102.5kgs

Walk 4 miles.

Feel really good today - joints feel loose and free, and I feel like I have loads of energy. DLs were very easy. If I feel this good tomorrow morning I might just go for a 1RM instead of waiting until over the weekend.

Also if I've made any gains in DL I might keep the weight pegged back a little rather than just adjust automatically to 70%. I reckon I've been doing at most 65% and probably less than that last 2 weeks. If I can keep the gains coming and keep it easy at the same time then why not? Anyway wait to see what happens over next few days.


Martin Schap said...

Agreed no reason to go heavier just to go heavier. However, if you can handle the increase in weekly tonnage, a true 70% might lead to even bigger gains. Worth experimenting with, perhaps. I will be taking a walk on my lunch break today, but it will be nowhere near as scenic as your route.

Colin said...

"IF" I lift somewhere around the 160kg mark it would be a 112kg @70%. Not as large an increase as I had thought actually. I'd probably just start at 110kgs though and see how that felt.

I have theory that I am picking up these little injuries from pushing on too fast. Get strong slowly and injury free is my new motto.

It doesn't matter how scenic it is when it's lashing down - third time this week caught in the rain :)

Franklin B. Herman said...

Most of us guys have the same problem .. "too much too fast". If you were to go back to Tracy Reifkind's training logs over the last 4 years, she ever so slowly incrementally transferred herself into one of the strongest and fittest women out there. From 5 minutes of swinging 3 times a week to 1000 snatches in an hour with the 16kg. Its freakin' mind boggling.