Wednesday, 27 August 2008

2.4 mile Run

Warm up:
Mobility and 5 min jog

2.4 miles in 23:52 Average HR 165bpms

Comments: Pretty easy. Was trying to stay in the 160-170 range - happy to say that I was able to keep my ego in check and walk a few times when I just couldn't bring the HR below 170. Snails pace but feel really good after.

Measured on Run There so it is probably a bit out, regardless it is a route I shall be running a few times in the coming weeks and look forward to the time coming steadily down.


Martin Schap said...

Always good to have a few benchmarks like this. Measuring progress is a good motivator and a good test of your programming.

Colin said...

Yes - I'll have the scales and tape measure too, but you guys aren't seeing that until week 8 ;)