Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Warm Up:

Mobility - Pumps, squats, halos, ankles, shoulders and neck

Weights (3 mins rest between sets)
F Squat: 24kgs x 8, 40kgs x 8, 56kgs x 9 PR

P Press: 16kgs x 10, 24kgs x 10, 32kgs x 12 PR
Comment: A/W

Swings (too few to mention)

A familiar pattern at present; PRs in the strength and a bomb out on the conditioning. VERY pleased with the F Squat and Push Presses though. I have doubled the reps for P Presses in less than 4 weeks. I'm tiring of it though so I shall get some duct tape and test to see if I can P Press the 32+16 KBs on Friday. Can't really do a Max test for the F Sq so as I failed to sell my barbell I'll test the old DL instead.

After this I plan to take a week of just conditioning stuff Vo2Max and LCCJs and then something similar to what I just been doing like DeadLift and Sandbag Presses or the ulimate minimalist exercise Sandbag C&Js. Been inspired by IronStyle of late.


Martin Schap said...

I have been meaning to construct a sandbag for some time. Don't really have an excuse as to why I've never done so. If you are training for "real world" strength I would think they are a must.

Colin said...

I have the iron mind sandbag set up but I also had 2 sea sacks - canvas bags that were sealed shut - which I liked better. They rotted in the corner in my dungeon when I took up the KBs.

They are tough and very cheap to make - no excuses Martin get it sorted.

Enjoy the week off :)