Monday, 25 August 2008

Warm up:
Pumps/Squats/Press Ups/ Halos

20 mins of:

35kgs sandbag C&Js x 10
660m run

3 rounds in 20:11

Supposed to be 15 reps but sandbag too heavy for that - easy to press, hip drive left a lot to be desired. I wasn't going crazy here, but it was a very tough session.

Been reading through (another) excellent book on sports nutrition today. Been devising a good plan and off food shopping tomorrow. I have a feeling that just a few days of eating remotely sensibly would see a big improvement in my performance of the last 2 sessions I've done. It's a start though and I'm feeling pretty good now.


Martin Schap said...

That has to have been brutal. Reading these last couple of posts has made me want to go do CrossFit, but I think I need to stick with the ROP for a few months and then do a good strength cycle before I tackle the WOD again.

Colin said...

I came to DD and KBs via Cross Fit. Reading through the site and my old journals this week I gotta say I feel excited to be back doing it.

May have to change the blog name soon!!