Friday, 15 August 2008

Friday Mess Around

Warm Up:
Pumps/Squats/ Halos


DeadLift - 100 x 2, 130 x 2, 150 x 1, 155 x 1, 160kgs x 1

Push Press - 16 x 5, 24 x 3, 32 x 1.......50kg sandbag with 2 hands x 1


Made a bit of a hash of what I wanted to get out of this really. The Deadlift went very well, but I had a fair bit more in me, should have been a PR day really. My grip was starting to give and I was really after KB P Press records so I stopped there. If I'd known where I was with it and planned it better I would have been close to time!!

Press went to pot when I started trying to tape the KBs together. Obviously I should have given it more thought than just inbetween presses. I decided that the last thing I needed was to injure myself with badly taped KBs so thought I'd switch to Sandbag that I made up yesterday...which was my 35th birthday.

The sandbag and KBs are like night and day and I did well to squeeze out the 50kgs for a press. I'm looking forward to grappling with these now.


Martin Schap said...

Happy late birthday! Too bad about taping the kettlebells together. I was interested to see how it worked, since when I was imagining it I thought it sounded a bit tricky. You have inspired me. I am going to make a sandbag in the near future. At least before I hit the road for work next month.

Colin said...

Thanks. Yeah I've read about guys taping them on DD but haven't figured it out yet.

I reckon I could have done the 40kgs no problems but the 48 would have been interesting. Goes to show how pressing KBs/Barbells is sooooo different from the odd objects.

I remember pressing a 50kgs sandbag for 5 reps a couple of years ago so I'm expecting it to climb prety quickly.

Franklin B Herman, RKC said...

Deads are back! Congratulations! Will you be going back to a Steve Justa program?

Anyway it seems that you have healed well and are making great progress.

And .. Happy Birthday

Colin said...

Hey Franklin, thanks - enjoyed reading about you're FMS escapades.

No, not Steve Justa. More of the same 50, 75 + 100% intensity in each exercise, seemed to work well. I'm thinking DL and sandbag presses keeping the reps to 5 or less and upping weight rather than increasing the reps each session like this last phase I did.

Hopefully I will have the energy and enthusiasm to go and nail a couple of vo2 max sessions then...slacked off them last few weeks.