Thursday, 21 August 2008


Do you have any further links or resources for Crossfit Black Box?

I have a few issues of the Performance Menu which lays out ME Black Box which I understand is the following:

ME - Total - Cleans, Hang Cleans, Power Cleans - Lower - OH, Front, Back Squat - Upper - Presses, P Press, Jerks (All 3 exercises each session?)

3 x per week alternating with WOD for 6 workouts per week. 5x5 1st week, 5x3, next and finally 5x1 - rinse and repeat?

Why is it contraversal?

Anyway - Yes, my body is comp is now top's ridiculous I've let myself slide this far.

My initial reaction has been to return to an effective (for me) template of running and circuits as follows:

M - Tempo Run
T - Circuits
W - Interval runs
T - Rest
F - Circuits
S - LSD Run (or it could be a walk based on yesterday)
S - Rest

In the past I used light weights with very high reps - I think that doing circuits more WOD style, or adding in pretty heavy sandbags will help retain the strength I've built. I'm interested in this Black Box stuff though. Either way there is definitely going to be plenty of running and circuit style training.


Colin said...

Downloaded ME Black Box articles from Performance Menu. See how it works now and I like it a lot. I wanted to include pure strength days in but couldn't see how to do it. On my M W F xfit days I can focus on WODs that include running or do some circuits and then go for a run.

Thanks for cluing me up on this Martin.

Martin Schap said...

Glad to be of service. I know a guy who has been following CrossFit pretty loosely since about Easter and is turning into a complete beast in terms of appearance. He has dropped a ton of fat, packed on some muscle and has visible abs for maybe the first time since college. He's about your age weighs about 200. Say what you will about CrossFit, but if I wanted to drop bodyfat in a hurry that is the program I would choose. Another thing to note about this guy is that he scales the workouts liberally, is not a slave to the clock and thus keeps pretty good form, and if he thinks the workout looks too crazy he goes for a run instead. It is a sensible approach, and he is yielding very good results.