Thursday, 11 December 2008

Corrections - Day 4

Amosov Daily Joint Mobility Complex - 10 reps each

Daily Corrections Exercises
ASLR stretches
Toe Touch exercises
X Band Walk
Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch - p.78 Relax into Stretch
Quadruped Hip Extension
Cook Hip Lift - extra set on right side
Hip stretch - extra on right side

2 x 10 reps each

Comment - Felt a little tighter today. Joints did even more cracking that usual this morning and just felt tighter doing the corrections. Feeling looser now.

Must be getting more in tune with my body. I can clearly feel that my right hip is tighter than the left. Hence the extra work on that side.

Mouse - Hope the cold clears up soon. I've been doing the stretch referenced above for hip flexors. It is a dousy - for some reason everytime I do them I imagine tearing the legs off a cooked chicken!! ........I know, I'm just fucked up.

I reckon I've got a good little routine going here. I started reading a lot of Mike Boyle's articles last night and I was going to change things around. Tweak here and there with the mobility stuff. I'm resisting though, and am just going to see it out as it is.


Anonymous said...

Mouse here,
Why 'tweak'? Stick with this for at least another couple of weeks. I would add in Gray's thoracic corrections.
I found that having a set time to do 'the workout' was good, but I needed more, I had to GTG throughout the day. My mobility improved quickly after I realised that I just wasn't doing it enough.
Once a day isn't going to do it for mobility /flexibility issues IF you are predisposed to being stiff.

Colin said...

"Why 'tweak'? Stick with this for at least another couple of weeks. I would add in Gray's thoracic corrections." lol

That's tweaking! My point was that reading was making me want to go off plan and start messing. Which is why I stuck in my last goal - to keep me on the straight and narrow.

I GTG if you like mobility on my ankles, wrists and neck through the day. I consider these in most need.

All is good.