Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Stiff as a Board

Daily Joint Mobility Complex
20 reps each

Corrective Exercises / DL work
GTG Trainer CoC - 5 reps every 2-3 hours
Lats and Shoulders trigger points with tennis ball

Side Lying Rotation
Shoulder Rotation
2 x10

X Band
Cook Hip Lift - would never have believed it, but they are beginning to get easy!!
2 x 10

SLDL Patterning 2 x 5
Suitcase DL 24kgs KB raised 2" - 2 x 5 left side / 3 x 5 right side - last set off the floor. Lower back rounding a little.

Toe Touch x 10
Shoulder Stretch - best described here

Comments - Woke up this morning stiff and sore around the shoulders and throughout my mid section, back and front. Those new exercises really did a number on me. I loosened up a bit after the mobility, but I was pulling some strange faces when I did them again just now.

I usually do my tennis ball work around the shoulder against a wall, but I put in on the floor today and worked at it. I hit some serious hot spots, one of which made my whole right arm go numb - not sure it was meant to do that! So it was definitely a no pain, no gain day. All good though.

Only other thing to report is that I can get lower to the suitcase DL on my left than my right.....don't know what the hell that means, hamstrings had the same (lack of) flexibility on both sides. Whatever - rounding of lower back bad, no lifts from the ground until I lose it.

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Anonymous said...

Mose here,
I know what you mean about rolling giving strange results. For ages when I rolled my quads my hammies cramped up!