Friday, 26 December 2008


Daily Joint Mobility Complex
Ankles - Exercise 1 Exercise 2
Hips - Leg swings Side to Side Front/Back
Thoracic Spine - Exercise
Shoulders - Circles Front/Back
Neck - Up/Down Left/Right
Wrists - Up/Down Side to Side Circles
Knees/Hips - High Knees

10 reps each (plan to build these up quickly to at least 35)

Daily Corrections Exercises
X Band Walk
2 legged Hip Bridge
Glute Bridge Marching
Cook Hip Lift (tennis ball)

2 x 10 reps each

Good Morning Hamstring Stretch x 3

DL patterning - 3 x 5 (double and single leg)

Comment - This is the mobility complex I started yesterday and shall be carrying on with for quite some time I should imagine. I hate more or less everyone of these drills - which means that I need to do them. When I phase out the corrections I shall probably throw Pumps into this as well. It is a great overall movement that I find gives me a great stretch and really wakens me up too. I believe that it has also helped to releive the pain I was having in my right shoulder.

Corrections and Patterning went well. I shall be dropping the 2 legged Hip Bridge from now on as it is too easy and I know where my glutes are now. The single leg patterning stuff in particular is really hitting the spot and it feels like I am getting plenty of work from the hamstrings and glutes.

Mouse sent me a link to a great Q&A with Eric Cressey yesterday. As I said in my response to Mouse I think that Eric Cressey's answer echoes the Levels that Cook and Jones lay out. It goes a bit further to explaining the whys and wherefores for me though. I am also beginning to see from reading about re-hab, pre-hab or whatever you want to call it that it is not straightforward and one size does not fit all. It is a bit like a puzzle where "correcting" one thing will knock something else out of whack. Or everything could be lined up but the movement pattern just hasn't been programmed in as Cressey says. It really is very fascinating stuff once you get into it.

I was also interested to see him mentioning rack pulls as I had been thinking about them lately. I was considering that I may just have to raise the bar off the ground more if at the end of this process I still couldn't maintain a flat back for the DL proper. Not ideal but I'd still get stronger and better than risking ending up in a wheelchair later in life!!


Martin Schap said...

Nice little mobility program. Covers a lot of things that most of us could spend more time/attention on. I have pretty much fallen off the wagon with the mobility and really don't know why I let myself do that. I always feel better when I am consistent with it.

Colin said...

Definitely the things I need to pay attention to. I grind and crunch and click my way through them all. But do feel a lot better after them.