Wednesday, 24 December 2008


Amosov Daily Joint Mobility Complex* - 20 reps each

Daily Corrections Exercises
X Band Walk
2 legged Hip Bridge
Glute Bridge Marching
Cook Hip Lift (tennis ball)

2 x 10 reps each

Good Morning Hamstring Stretch x 3
Hip Flexor Stretch x 2

DL patterning - 3 x 5 (double and single leg)

Comment - There's to be a shake up in my daily mobility. I'm going to drop what is easy and work on what is hard from now on. I haven't fully decided what exercises are in and what is out but preliminarily I'd say Ankles, Hips, Thoracic Spine, Shoulders, Neck, Wrists. I'd also want to make sure I keep the Toe Touch I've worked hard for so I'd be doing that in some shape or form everyother day at least. I'm not concerned about saying I'd do Amosov and then changing - what's impotant is that I am doing joint mobility daily and that my joints are improving.

Good corrections session to finish off for Christmas. I had a go at doing the Cook Hip Lift properly with the tennis ball and was just barely able to keep hold of it on both sides for all reps. The idea is that if the hip flexor of the working leg is tight the other leg will peel off your body as you extend and you won't be able to trap the tennis ball between thigh and hip. It was a little harder on the right side and in truth my big belly may have helped me a little but there is great improvement here none-the-less.

I did a stretch-along-with-Pavel after this for good morning and hip stretch and really started to feel the stretches. I was then very pleased after I finished up my patterning stuff and showed real improvement on the single leg exercise especially. I know I was getting it right because my glutes were doing ALL the work.

Christmas Day off for me, back at it on Boxing Day. Merry Christmas to anyone who reads and thank you for your advice and support over the last year.


Anonymous said...

Mouse here,
Have a gander at this:

Mery HicMas!

Colin said...

Holy Crap!! That's nearly 300kgs.

How very appropriate though!! I think that the stages he dicusses are analogous to the levels that Cook and Jones lay out in my plan.

I was interested in him suggesting rack pulls before they hit the floor. I was thinking about how if my back just kept on rounding out would it be better for me to raise the bar off the floor to a height where I could DL without this happening. Seems I may have been on the right track. Hopefully the patterning and single leg stuff will sort me out before that though.