Sunday, 7 December 2008

Core Screening

Amosov Daily Joint Mobility Complex - 10 reps each

Screening from Secrets of the core
Involved doing the tests below trying to pick out issues that may be only barely noticeable. As I was doing this on my own there could have been things I missed but I'm confident that I didn't miss any of the gross stability/mobility errors.

Active Straight Leg Raise
Scored 1 L/R and wasn't too far from being a 2

Toe Touch - also the Right side/Left side toe touch
Fail - 2-3" out. Was also the same distance out on Left/Right leg only so no imbalances.

Bridge - 2 leg baseline bridge
Fine, good baseline in terms of height. Hamstrings and lower back felt tight.

Right/Left Single leg Extension Bridge
Stability good, no twisting, though I did sag a little at the hips on both sides.

Cook Hip Lift
Poor barely more than a few inches off the ground on either side.

Push-up - standard push-up baseline
Static Push-ups with Right and Left Leg lift
Push-ups with Right and Left Leg lift
Was really stable in all the screens above - no problems here.

Crocodile Breath
Found it very easy to breathe into the diaphram for the suggested 5 mins.

During the DVD the authors consistently tell you not to worry about correctly diagnosing what the problem is. It could be many things, all you really know is that the movement pattern is out and that you need to do the correction exercises to fix them.

That is what I am going to do - but I am going to give my opinion on what I think the root cause of a lot of the above is. Glute Activation or a lack thereof is more accurate. So I did a little extra homework and I am going to throw in 2 extra exercises designed to help this.

Here is my Corrections Program:

ASLR stretches
Toe Touch exercises
X Band Walk
Quadruped Hip Extension
Cook Hip Lift
Hip stretch

10 reps each

Aim to do these everyday - might integrate a few into the morning mobility, but it will definitely involve me doing a separate session later in the day anyway.

DVD would have me doing ASLR, Toe Touch and Cook Hip Lift (don't feel I need to do Chop and Lift). Cook Hip Lift is very hard for me to do so some of these additional exercises should help me speed up proficiency in this movement.


Anonymous said...

Mouse here,
That is an interesting plan you have there. I like the fact that it is built around Cook's work. How are you going to achieve the 40kg press? I have heard tha KJ- he of the maxVO2 is bringing out a book on the on the press. I look forward to reading up on your progress over the coming months.
Good luck.

Colin said...

Thanks Mouse.

What can I say about Cooks work? I tried it before, it seemed to be working, then I stopped. I'm an idiot.

I plan to follow the shoulder progression stuff as written. When I get to level 2 (MP/TGU/Pull Ups) maybe ladders, or 3-5 sets 3-5 reps. Nothing too complicated, or that involves me spending more money on another product to sidetrack me. ;)

I have MP'd the 32kg kb before and Jerked it 12 times. It shouldn't be much of a stretch, but I don't want to have pains in my shoulders during the process.

Martin Schap said...

Very good and thought out plan. I will try to be your gentle reminder if you go astray.

Colin said...

Cheers Martin