Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Corrections - Day 3

Amosov Daily Joint Mobility Complex - 10 reps each

Daily Corrections Exercises
ASLR stretches
Toe Touch exercises
X Band Walk
Quadruped Hip Extension
Cook Hip Lift - extra set on right side
Hip stretch

2 x 10 reps each

Comment - Noticed that I was a little weaker on the right leg doing the Cook Hip Lift today, so I threw in an extra set of 10. Wasn't an easy decision because I hate these. I am also going to do an extra hip stretch before these from tomorrow. I notice that they feel a lot easier when I test them after stretching.

I also caught sight of how high I was lifting my leg during
Quadruped Hip Extension today - rubbish, thigh below parallel. So I made a much more concerted effort and was really beginning to feel it in my glutes. I seem to have a bit of a gluteal activation infactuation going on at the minute. I've also been trying the exercise whilst walking that is suggested here. I'm beginning to wonder if I shouldn't add Bushman's Buttocks to my list of goals.

ASLR and Toe Touch are coming along nicely. I was very happy when I also managed an impromtu toe touch from a sit and reach position - a lot harder for me when I don't get a boost from gravity.


Anonymous said...

Mouse here,
I've been doing those band walks and noticed an improvement in stability when doing single leg exercises.
Have a look at Jeff Martones site and an article he did on 'Releasing the Parking Brake'.
The 'Sports injury Bulletin' has got some good progressions for Bridging exercises in general, which would have a carry over to the Cook Hip Lift -- I think, but Jones stated that the Cook Lift was both the test and corrective.

Colin said...

You love all this stuff don't you Mouse? I must say that I am getting very interested in it myself.

I've read that Jeff Martone article before - I reckon that'll I shall stick with the cook hip lift a while though. It has been getting better and it is only 3 days since I started. But it is something to consider.

I think giving them a good stretching will pay dividends quickly.

Hows the Flowfit and your own FMS going? Seeing improvements?

Anonymous said...

Mouse here,
Derailed due to a heavy cold! Just easing back into things. One thing holding back your Cook lift will be tight flexors, so getting them to release will help! Pavel describes this in SJ, pg 61.
You are right I love this stuff - I started out with Verstegen's Core Performance book, that led Boyles and Cooks stuff and at present am hooked on ETK. The Flowfit is just to get some movement in.